Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to Select Silver Jewelry (Sterling Silver Jewelry)

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is a very common precious metal that we see today. Silver looks great with the black evening dress as it shines brilliantly reflects light on its white surface. Nevertheless, when selecting a piece of silver jewelry you do well to learn the difference between pure silver, sterling silver and silver coated jewelry because they make a significant difference in quality and price of the jewelry you are purchasing.

Pure silver which usually still contain traces of other elements is not a good choice for making jewelry because it is too soft and malleable. This means that whatever shape that is formed with pure silver would not stay permanent. Instead what we would want is sterling silver which is made up of 925 part silver to 75 part alloy such as copper, nickel or zinc. The added elements give sterling silver increase strength and durability. Sterling silver jewelry looks shinier than pure silver but it does need maintenance and cleaning. Keeping your sterling silver jewelry in a dry and sealed bag would ensure that the shine would last longer.

Silver coated jewelry often marked by its lower and cheaper price is jewelry that is coated with silver but the base material is something else. This method is often used to cover for cheaper and inferior material like steel that is prone to bend, breaks, stretches and the finish that can wear off.

This is not to say that sterling silver can't be coated. Some jewelers use an electroplater to coat sterling silver with pure silver to prevent tarnishing while maintaining the stability of the jewelry. So choose your silver jewelry carefully for they can even serve as priceless heirloom for years to come.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry


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